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Salted Melon

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Explore a Symphony of Sensations

Welcome to your very own tropical oasis, encapsulated in the enchanting embrace of our Salted Melon Candle. It's not just a candle; it's a one-way ticket to an exotic paradise, where the rhythms of the waves meet the serenity of sun-kissed afternoons.

This isn't just a candle; it's an experience, a mood, a memory in the making. Light it up, close your eyes, and let the fragrance carry you to your personal paradise. Add it to your collection today and let every moment be a celebration of joy and serenity.

Perfect For:

Salted Melon is a masterful blend of freshness, fruitiness, and floral subtlety, crafting an ambience that's both uplifting and comforting. Perfect for turning any space into a haven of relaxation and positivity. Whether it's a cozy evening at home or a lively gathering with friends, Salted Melon sets the perfect mood.


    • Top: The invigorating essence of Sea salt greets you, reminiscent of a gentle ocean breeze, setting the stage for a rejuvenating escape.
    • Middle: The journey continues as the sumptuous sweetness of Golden Melon unfurls.
    • Base: As the journey reaches its crescendo, the exotic allure of Plumeria, intertwined with a subtle hint of Meyer lemon, anchors the fragrance. A celebration of warmth and sensuality, leaves an unforgettable impression long after the flame has been extinguished.


    Trim wick before each burn.

    For best results, allow the wax to melt to the edges during each burn.

    Never leave a burning candle unattended or burn candle more than 4 hours at a time.


    • Burn Time: 60 Hours
    • Cruelty free
    • Vegan
    • Coconut-soy wax
    • Phthalate-free fragrance
    • Eco-friendly,
    • Wooden wicks made from FSC Certified Wood in the USA.

    Beauty in Simplicity, Inspired by Love

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    • Vegan & Cruelty Free

    • Natural Ingredients

    • Organic Product

    • Chemical Free

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